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Extreme fitness: Inspiring or intimidating?

Lately it seems as though everywhere you turn, extreme fitness shows are popping up. NBC’s American Ninja Warrior® just started its eighth season and has a faithful following. Spartan Races® recently debuted on primetime TV as well, targeting fitness buffs and couch potatoes alike. Flip through Facebook and you’re likely to see a number of […]
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Walk the walk: 3 tips for creating a culture of health

According to the Optum Wellness in the Workplace Study, 87% of employers report that health management solutions are an important component of their benefits mix. And over half of larger employers now offer health assessments, wellness coaching, fitness challenges and health and wellness websites.1 But how can employers engage employees and create a culture of […]
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Wellness: A Continued Priority for Employers

Employees today spend so much time at work – more than half of their waking hours. That’s why many companies recognize the importance of offering programs that help support healthy choices. As they develop programs, there is no cookie-cutter approach. It’s essential to tailor initiatives to each company’s culture, goals and employee population. 

How do you know if your company’s wellness program is working?

Recently we visited a large health organization interested in Optum’s services to help extend the company’s wellness program to its operations in other countries. We asked about the senior leadership’s expectations for return on investment. The company rep looked a bit puzzled and replied that senior management had never pressed for any sort of measure […]
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