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Four steps to population health management: Step two — Manage care transitions

In our last blog, on “Four Steps to population health management“, we discussed the first step of population health management (PHM), optimizing management of your physician referral network. By using data analytics, you can get a snapshot of which specialists are providing the highest-quality care at the lowest cost. But there is another area that […]
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Four steps to population health management: Step one — optimize network management

In our last blog, we talked about what it takes — a combination of claims and clinical data — to lay a solid foundation for population health management, or PHM. Now let’s take a look at the four steps of PHM, starting with the first step, optimizing network management. Value-based organizations should consider the referral […]
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Physician relations: A key to managing patient risk

In our last blog, we introduced AppleCare Medical Group, an independent practice association in California that has successfully managed risk since its inception in 1996. The IPA has done so by following a number of guiding principles, including carefully analyzing its new contracts to make sure the opportunities and risks each one presents is clear.