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Commercializing the Fee-For-Value Investment – Part II: How to do it

In my previous post, I talked about the need for providers to commercialize their investments in the new fee-for-value model. The new model requires significant investment in population health management solutions, analytical and technology infrastructure and network management capabilities. Providers need to think about growth in their market share to reduce the per member per […]
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The Key to Care Management: Understanding Your Population

As providers take on more risk, they will need to build robust population health management capabilities – prevention, wellness, disease management and care management – to achieve performance and shared savings goals. To do this successfully, providers must craft population health management solutions that meet the needs of their specific population mix.

Want Better Outcomes? Share the Risk

Imagine a system in which all health care stakeholders – providers, payers and consumers – share risk in clinical and financial outcomes. Then imagine that they also all have the tools they need to contain this risk. The result? Everyone wins, especially consumers! The problem? Our health care system today fails on both these accounts. […]
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