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Finding the win-win solutions to health care challenges

There isn’t a single cure to address all of the challenges facing our health system, but there is a common goal. We all want a health system that treats patients compassionately, allocates resources efficiently, and provides quality care to those who need it — all without bankrupting ourselves or future generations. Too often we pursue […]
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AI with an ROI: Innovation that can improve care, cut costs

The funny thing about the future is that we always expect it to materialize in front of us in dramatic fashion. But it doesn’t work like that. Instead, tomorrow sneaks up on us, already under our noses when we finally see it. Case in point: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form of natural language processing […]
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Monitor these metrics to find revenue leaks

Tracking, explaining and plugging gaps in your revenue cycle is tough enough without the added challenge of practice acquisitions and mergers. Joining two systems means standardizing and streamlining policies that may differ greatly from each other. As consolidation work takes place, health systems can pay close attention to certain metrics to help identify revenue leaks. […]
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