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Understanding the risks of incomplete medical coding

Information that could affect readmission risks, reimbursement, quality assessments and more is missing from medical records according to a recent study. MedPageToday reported on the study, conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and published in November 2015 in the journal PLOS ONE. The researchers compared two large databases – one based on claims […]
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Creating the Science of Medicine at Wilmington Health

Many physicians think of themselves as singular artists who, with a few well-placed brushstrokes, can render a cure to almost any malady. But Jeff James, CEO at Wilmington Health in Wilmington, North Carolina, believes that kind of thinking needs to change. Physicians, he says, need to become more like scientists, meticulously building a care plan […]
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Documenting diagnoses makes a difference in care quality.

An often-repeated statistic warns that 8 million Americans have diabetes and don’t know it. There are similar claims about other chronic illnesses, like hypertension and chronic heart failure. If a patient doesn’t know they are missing a diagnosis, their health care provider may not either. The white paper Accurate coding: The foundation of accountable care explains that […]
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