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Analytics are key to engaging providers in the process of change

As health care groups continue to grow larger, it becomes increasingly difficult for information to flow from the health care providers to the central office and vice versa. I have seen this happen to a number of health care organizations that were rapidly adding new practices and personnel. How does a growing organization keep the […]
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Vantage Cancer Care Network makes risk work in specialty care

The pay for value revolution is here, and it means significant changes to the way primary care is provided to patients. But what does it mean for specialists? In risk-based contracts, primary care providers such as family physicians, pediatricians, OB/GYNs and internists are relied on to keep patients healthy and well. Meanwhile, the industry is […]
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Physician relations: A key to managing patient risk

In our last blog, we introduced AppleCare Medical Group, an independent practice association in California that has successfully managed risk since its inception in 1996. The IPA has done so by following a number of guiding principles, including carefully analyzing its new contracts to make sure the opportunities and risks each one presents is clear.