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Blinkers on: It’s time to move into the value-based care fast lane

Providers and payers are converging and seeing new opportunities to collaborate to improve care quality and control costs under new value-based care models.  Increasingly, providers are evolving to take more accountability for cost of care and patient outcomes—issues historically laid at payers’ feet. However, providers must continue to operate in a fee-for-service environment while transitioning […]
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Analytics are key to engaging providers in the process of change

As health care groups continue to grow larger, it becomes increasingly difficult for information to flow from the health care providers to the central office and vice versa. I have seen this happen to a number of health care organizations that were rapidly adding new practices and personnel. How does a growing organization keep the […]
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Use population health management to get patients to care about their care

People want to be healthy, but healthcare options can be confusing, and without a strong relationship with their physicians and other providers, patients may ignore their problems instead of face the difficult path toward treatment and recovery.

Population health management and physician incentives go hand-in-hand

It’s no secret that high-risk patients take more care resources, and this is true when it comes to physician interaction at multiple levels. Unfortunately, high-risk population needs often are not typically reimbursable.

Information transparency is vital to population health management, yet difficult to achieve

You’d think providing up-to-date, relevant information to physicians in your accountable care organization (ACO) would be easy. Share files, email data, and voila! Transparency! But it’s not that simple. Data transparency is critical for population health management (PHM) success; without it, physicians won’t trust data that shows sub-optimal care patterns or outlier behavior. Transparency requires […]
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Engagement: The top fundamental to successful population health management

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are in a unique position to engage patients faster and closer to the point of care than traditional models. This is true because of its reliance on population health management (PHM). Over the next few posts, we’ll discuss the five fundamental principles that drive PHM.

Maximize Clinical Documentation Improvement Potential for ICD-10 and Beyond

In this installment of our ongoing ICD-10 Education Series, we’ll discuss opportunities to improve clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs as part of preparations for ICD-10 and beyond. Information is driving change in the way health care organizations provide care for patients and streamline business practices. The amount and quality of medical information available to stakeholders […]
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Better Health Care, Rewarded Better: It Takes a Village

Communities today are grappling with how to get better health care – and how to better reward it. To do this, it will take a partnership between payers, vendors and key providers. Physicians shouldn’t feel that they need to go it alone in the development of sustainable, value-based reimbursement initiatives. As they say, it takes […]
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