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Identify six focus areas to manage business model changes

Providers can better manage enterprise-wide care transitions by addressing six key focus areas. As provider organizations map their strategy for transitioning into a value-based care organization, they may find they need to redefine their whole business model. It’s a big undertaking. Providers can make it more manageable by breaking the work into six categories. Physician […]
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The journey to value: Taking the first value-based steps with population health management-Part 1

In our previous Journey to Value post, we suggested four elements that organizations should consider as they as they determine their roadmap for value-based care. With a roadmap that accounts for market needs, financial impacts, provider network strategies and aligned incentives, organizations are ready to program the milestones around which they will convert to value-based […]
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The journey to value: Handling risk means understanding your patient population

In our last Journey to Value post, we discussed how having all key players in alignment allows a provider organization to better manage risk. There’s one element still to consider: the patient. To get a true handle on risk, health care providers must first understand the needs of the populations they’re serving. Here are four […]
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Consumer awareness, prioritized resources make or break preventive service use

Increased emphasis on prevention in health care is good policy, but it can’t become good practice unless the services get to the people who need them. In an earlier post, I shared statistics about how older adults are less likely to seek out prevention programs, programs which could have prevented 2 million premature deaths. That […]
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Population analytics bolsters preventive services

My previous post outlined how increasing preventive services outreach can keep people healthier and result in better financial outcomes. But this can only happen if payers and providers know who need those services. This is where population analytic tools come into play. The two components of successful population analytics are comprehensive data and technology systems […]
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Benefits of preventive services known, but older adults not using them

As the health care industry moves toward value-based reimbursement, the use of preventive services seems obvious. It’s become obvious, at least, to a number of health plans who are incentivizing the use of well visits, screenings, and other preventive programs to keep patients healthy. In January 2013, states that offered preventive programs at low or […]
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Provider executives share insights on the evolution of population health

How can you adapt to population health? If you’re a health care provider, such a question can’t be answered in a sentence or a paragraph—or even an entire article. But providers who are undergoing a fee-for-service to fee-for-value transformation have offered some insight into how and why they’re evolving to become excellent at managing the […]
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Use big data and analytics to slow health care costs and compete on outcomes

By: The Optum Risk & Quality Solutions Team Health care is awash in data, so one might think that providers and payers would be on the forefront of the big data movement. While it’s true that claims data has been used for various purposes, including epidemiological research and predictive modeling, it doesn’t have the richness […]
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The Key to Care Management: Understanding Your Population

As providers take on more risk, they will need to build robust population health management capabilities – prevention, wellness, disease management and care management – to achieve performance and shared savings goals. To do this successfully, providers must craft population health management solutions that meet the needs of their specific population mix.