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How we uncover barriers to health

Ethan M. Berke, MD, MPH, and Brian Solow, MD, FAAFP, discuss new ways to use nontraditional sources of data about a person’s health to improve care delivery. When doctors and other health providers engage patients in conversations and build a trusting relationship, they can uncover social needs that impact health and access to care. Information […]
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Finding the win-win solutions to health care challenges

There isn’t a single cure to address all of the challenges facing our health system, but there is a common goal. We all want a health system that treats patients compassionately, allocates resources efficiently, and provides quality care to those who need it — all without bankrupting ourselves or future generations. Too often we pursue […]
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Optum Performance Analytics and NYUPN: Unifying data for better care and cost outcomes

Dynamic health care market forces, fueled by delivery and payment reform, have posed many new and difficult challenges for clinical and financial leaders within payer and provider organizations. How do you deliver high-quality, cost-effective care to patients, while strengthening your care delivery network at the same time? We at Optum have felt these challenges alongside […]
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