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Finding the win-win solutions to health care challenges

There isn’t a single cure to address all of the challenges facing our health system, but there is a common goal. We all want a health system that treats patients compassionately, allocates resources efficiently, and provides quality care to those who need it — all without bankrupting ourselves or future generations. Too often we pursue […]
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Artificial intelligence unlocks buried data

Did you know that more than half of the information contained in electronic medical records is unusable to health care organizations? Mark Morsch, Optum360 Vice President of Technology, says studies show 60 to 80 percent of EMR content is unstructured. That means some data that could potentially be used to create a more complete picture […]
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AI with an ROI: Innovation that can improve care, cut costs

The funny thing about the future is that we always expect it to materialize in front of us in dramatic fashion. But it doesn’t work like that. Instead, tomorrow sneaks up on us, already under our noses when we finally see it. Case in point: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form of natural language processing […]
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A critical link between patient engagement and payment resolution

With patient satisfaction scores playing a bigger role in health care providers’ financial bottom lines, hospitals and health systems must pay attention to all interactions with patients, including the billing process. This may require reviewing and updating your revenue cycle. Recently, Becker’s Hospital Review recapped insights from revenue cycle management (RCM) leaders shared over the […]
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Maximize Clinical Documentation Improvement Potential for ICD-10 and Beyond

In this installment of our ongoing ICD-10 Education Series, we’ll discuss opportunities to improve clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs as part of preparations for ICD-10 and beyond. Information is driving change in the way health care organizations provide care for patients and streamline business practices. The amount and quality of medical information available to stakeholders […]
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Health IT in the Spotlight: A Closer Look at Clinical Documentation Improvement Solutions

Over the past decade, an increasing number of hospitals have implemented clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs. Unsurprisingly, financial considerations are a key driver behind this trend. Increased scrutiny of health care costs by public and commercial health plans translates into increased focus on ensuring complete, accurate capture of diagnoses and procedures rendered in patient care, […]
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Natural Language Processing Technology Will be Critical to ICD-10 Success

It seems October is becoming a critical month for change in the health system. The major provisions of the Affordable Care Act will come to life in October 2013. Twelve very short months later, our transition to the ICD-10-CM/PCS system for coding medical documentation will be complete.