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How puppies and muffins improve health care technology

Do a quick search for “puppies vs. muffins.” You’ll see a grid image of Chihuahuas and blueberry muffins. Scan through each image, and you’ll notice you’re sometimes second guessing which is which. Our brains can immediately register the characteristics (tan color with dark spots). But because the images are so similar, it can be difficult […]
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A real-life application for artificial intelligence in health care

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. It’s in our shopping experiences, our search engines, our dining and entertainment recommendations. We’ve seen AI-based medicine on TV for decades, and we can make that a reality — if we go deeper. I’m more excited than ever about the possibilities of AI in health care, but we need to […]
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AI with an ROI: Innovation that can improve care, cut costs

The funny thing about the future is that we always expect it to materialize in front of us in dramatic fashion. But it doesn’t work like that. Instead, tomorrow sneaks up on us, already under our noses when we finally see it. Case in point: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form of natural language processing […]
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