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High-tech guided meditation eases burn pain

Parkland Hospital in Dallas County, Texas, is one of America’s “most wired,” as recognized by Hospitals & Health Networks® Magazine. Its careful integration of user-friendly tech extends from handy kiosks in the lobby to patient rooms with an array of digital devices that help both patients and staff. While much of the technology is focused […]
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Analytics provides “one report card” for physicians

In today’s health care, there are a lot of players – and a lot of payers, each with their own standards for evaluating physicians and the care they provide. As Greg Kile, CEO of the analytics firm Populytics, explains in an Optum® video, his company’s top 10 payers have 176 different metrics. Being washed over […]
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Plans should take full advantage of technology, operations to manage exchange markets

As Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange markets evolve, health plans managing these markets face certain realities: many exchanges have not functioned as anticipated, technology has not always panned out, pricing often has been driven by poor data and inadequate risk assessment, and the market has been in a state of flux. However, during the transition […]
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