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Natural Language Processing Technology Will be Critical to ICD-10 Success

It seems October is becoming a critical month for change in the health system. The major provisions of the Affordable Care Act will come to life in October 2013. Twelve very short months later, our transition to the ICD-10-CM/PCS system for coding medical documentation will be complete.

Countdown to ICD-10: End-to-End Testing Ensures System Readiness

By now, most health plans have October 1, 2014 marked in red ink on their calendar. That date is well known (and sometimes feared) as the latest implementation deadline for ICD-10, set by the Department of Health and Human Services.  The ICD-10 coding system is the first change to the U.S. medical billing and disease-tracking […]
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ICD-10 Deadline Delay: No Time for a “Wait-and-See” Approach To Compliance

As is widely known by now, the deadline for compliance with ICD-10 was pushed back one year to 10/1/14.  Health plans should be using the extra time to continue on their path to transition; and some should even accelerate efforts to implement the new medical billing codes.