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Pressure to perform: What health care finance leaders are thinking

Today, hospitals are reeling from financial and compliance pressures due to a combination of bad debt, newly covered patients, changing reimbursement models, and the risk of denials in the face of the migration to ICD-10. Health care organizations are looking for more effective and new approaches to optimizing revenue cycle management performance across the enterprise. […]
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Navigating the value transformation journey: improving financial performance through coding and documentation improvement

In a previous post, I discussed the need to have clinical technology in place that allows for interoperability, that improves physician adoption, and that helps you streamline clinical and administrative processes. In this post, I’ll discuss technology that can further help your organization get its financial house in order as it journeys from volume to […]
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Maximize Clinical Documentation Improvement Potential for ICD-10 and Beyond

In this installment of our ongoing ICD-10 Education Series, we’ll discuss opportunities to improve clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs as part of preparations for ICD-10 and beyond. Information is driving change in the way health care organizations provide care for patients and streamline business practices. The amount and quality of medical information available to stakeholders […]
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Take Your ICD-10 Training Efforts to the Next Level

When it comes to ICD-10, we are truly all in it together. The interconnectedness of the people and processes across the health system—from patient intake through final payment—means everyone and everything is impacted in ways big and small by the new coding standard. In April, we offered some advice for planning a comprehensive ICD-10 training […]
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Obstacle or Opportunity? Make ICD-10 Work for Your Organization

“The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” –Winston Churchill Because the processes for coding health care diagnoses and treatments touch nearly every aspect of the health care system, replacing the outdated ICD-9 system carries certain risks. And while some continue to debate whether and how to implement the change, others recognize the reality of […]
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Health IT in the Spotlight: A Closer Look at Clinical Documentation Improvement Solutions

Over the past decade, an increasing number of hospitals have implemented clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs. Unsurprisingly, financial considerations are a key driver behind this trend. Increased scrutiny of health care costs by public and commercial health plans translates into increased focus on ensuring complete, accurate capture of diagnoses and procedures rendered in patient care, […]
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Natural Language Processing Technology Will be Critical to ICD-10 Success

It seems October is becoming a critical month for change in the health system. The major provisions of the Affordable Care Act will come to life in October 2013. Twelve very short months later, our transition to the ICD-10-CM/PCS system for coding medical documentation will be complete.

ICD-10 Ready: Translating Code Sets Essential to Mitigating Potential Reimbursement Changes

In April, Optum kicked off an 18-month effort to provide practical steps health care organizations can take to make their journey to ICD-10-CM/PCS successful, regardless how much—or how little—progress they’ve made toward implementing the new standard.

ICD-10 Ready: Don’t overlook the importance of enterprise-wide training

Eighteen months is a lifetime. What do you remember about October 2011? Google reminded me that, among other things, the movie Moneyball was in theaters and, speaking of baseball, the Saint Louis Cardinals won the World Series that month.

HIMSS13 in New Orleans: A Natural Site for Convergence of Health Information, Technology

Next week, New Orleans will become an epicenter for the U.S. health system. Here, in the birthplace of jazz and at a crossroads of the South, more than 40,000 health care leaders will gather for the annual conference of the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS). As one of the largest associations of health technology […]
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