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Build an ICD-10 rapid response team for revenue emergencies

Now that ICD-10 is a reality in the U.S. health care environment, providers are finding that October 1, 2015, didn’t bring with it the D-Day scenario they thought it might. But they also know ICD-10-related challenges that aren’t apparent now might manifest themselves in the coming months. Providers were certainly ready to submit claims come […]
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Positive signs in early results — reasons for optimism regarding ICD-10 productivity

One of the biggest unknowns of the ICD-10 implementation is the effect on coding productivity. Experts have estimated the expected loss in productivity post-ICD-10 as HIM professionals climb the learning curve, and studies of other countries’ post-ICD-10 loss unveil valuable insights. One of the best studies on time loss published in 2014 revealed that participants […]
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Countdown to ICD-10 compliance: Why KPIs and provider relations matter

It seems like we’ve been talking about ICD-10 for a long time now and in fact, we have. There are just a few months separating payers, providers — and even patients — from the changes that will arrive with the October 1, 2015, compliance deadline. The limitations of decades old coding will finally give way […]
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Take Your ICD-10 Training Efforts to the Next Level

When it comes to ICD-10, we are truly all in it together. The interconnectedness of the people and processes across the health system—from patient intake through final payment—means everyone and everything is impacted in ways big and small by the new coding standard. In April, we offered some advice for planning a comprehensive ICD-10 training […]
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ICD-10 Ready: Don’t overlook the importance of enterprise-wide training

Eighteen months is a lifetime. What do you remember about October 2011? Google reminded me that, among other things, the movie Moneyball was in theaters and, speaking of baseball, the Saint Louis Cardinals won the World Series that month.