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5 -priorities for groups pursuing a risk-based strategy

When you’re used to being paid based on a tally of procedures, it can be daunting to consider taking on the financial responsibility for outcomes. Where do you start? Or if you are already bearing some risk, how do you prepare to accept more? Organizations pursuing a risk-based strategy need to address five key areas […]
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Learn about business pros who can make risk less risky

When the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) called on health plans to apply for a value-based insurance test project, it stipulated that interested organizations must include financial projections and that those projections must be “actuarially certified.” While that term wouldn’t stump health plans and traditional payers – for whom the use of actuaries […]
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Health system id’s source of new ideas for reform

Proponents of Lean process improvements can’t seem to emphasize enough the importance of engaging all employees and empowering them to become problem solvers. Books, academic reports and articles all address the issue. Their message? Good ideas can come from anywhere – from a newly hired housekeeper to a ready-to-retire nurse manager. The CEO of a […]
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