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Population health stratification – thinking beyond the standard clinical risk segments

In my previous blogs I have outlined the need for providers to develop customer relationship management and patient relationship management capabilities which includes understanding the consumer’s perspective on health and the healthcare system. Currently providers are focused on understanding an individual’s clinical risk profile but it is important to integrate an individual’s attitude and activation […]
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Integrated approach to customer relationship management and patient relationship management

As I have discussed in previous blogs, today’s health care trends challenge hospitals and physicians to think differently about how they engage the community and consumers. With new dynamics due to health care and market reforms and the retailization of health care, providers need to strategically and systematically think about how to engage the individual […]
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Walk the walk: 3 tips for creating a culture of health

According to the Optum Wellness in the Workplace Study, 87% of employers report that health management solutions are an important component of their benefits mix. And over half of larger employers now offer health assessments, wellness coaching, fitness challenges and health and wellness websites.1 But how can employers engage employees and create a culture of […]
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