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CMS 2016 Advance Notice and impact on plan sponsors

The release of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) 2016 Advance Notice of Methodology Changes presents numerous opportunities and challenges that Medicare Advantage (MA) plans will need to assess for the 2016 plan year. The general impact of these changes could vary greatly based on specific plan circumstances and what we see as […]
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After promising results, Medicare will likely continue expanding risk-based contracting efforts

In our last blog post, we shared a few reasons why risk-based contracting in health care is here to stay. In this post, we’ll share some data points that point to current and future impacts on the industry, and a few suggestions to help you jump on the value-based train. The value-based train has left […]
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Health plans expanding risk-based contracting efforts

Are risk-based contracting arrangements between health insurers and providers here to stay? The answer can be summed up in three words: “Follow the money.” Health plans are investing in and paying for an increasing amount of care covered by risk-based contracts. And these contracts aren’t just with the obvious accountable care organizations (ACO) and patient-centered […]
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