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Tap into the “greatest intellect in the health care industry”

When a health system surveyed its physicians, it asked a question some might find more suited to MBAs than MDs. North Carolina-based Wilmington Health asked: Is the rate of change within Wilmington Health less than the rate of change in the industry? It’s a question focused on competition and market dynamics — elements of health […]
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Risky business for providers: Planning for financial realities and capacity downturns

Ultimately, the financial side and the clinical side of the ACO equation need to be in balance. Adjusting to the financial realities of value-based contracting is essential. Therefore, our fourth risk-bearing action for provider organizations is financial and capacity planning.

Risky business for providers: Population-based planning in provider risk-bearing arrangements

Provider organizations that want to bear patient risk need to be informed by their local markets and the attending health care concerns that come with that market. That’s why our third action that leads to bearing risk is population-based planning.