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Identify six focus areas to manage business model changes

Providers can better manage enterprise-wide care transitions by addressing six key focus areas. As provider organizations map their strategy for transitioning into a value-based care organization, they may find they need to redefine their whole business model. It’s a big undertaking. Providers can make it more manageable by breaking the work into six categories. Physician […]
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Lessons learned from payers aid in shift to value-based care.

As fee-for-value payment models replace fee-for-volume models, providers are more often managing medical costs and risk. These are roles once dominated by payers. As providers find themselves needing to analyze risk, they can learn from health plans, employers and other payers — and adopt some of the same tools they use. One tactic providers can […]
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Payers understanding the provider perspective in a rapidly converging marketplace

As you’ve witnessed, rising medical costs and developing regulations have led to new initiatives to target clinical quality outcomes and manage financial risk. These and other market forces are transforming the way we [payers, providers and consumers] interact: Payers are accelerating risk-contracting efforts. Plan distribution is moving to direct-to-consumer. Care models are increasingly consumer oriented. […]
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