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Momentum is building for value of investment (VOI) with health management programs

Employees are more optimistic. The number of sick days are declining. Talented people are staying longer. When openings occur, resumes from choice candidates flood your inbox. And productivity is on the rise. Do you believe that your health and wellness program plays a role in these kinds of positive developments — in addition to reducing […]
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Replacement costs: will knee and hip surgeries drive your medical costs?

Get ready for a big wave of orthopedic surgical costs. By 2020 employers may see the number of knee and hip replacements among their plan members double and spine operations increase by up to 80 percent.1, 2 Why? To start, our workforce is aging, with more employees age 55 or older3. Medical advances that reduce […]
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Walk the walk: 3 tips for creating a culture of health

According to the Optum Wellness in the Workplace Study, 87% of employers report that health management solutions are an important component of their benefits mix. And over half of larger employers now offer health assessments, wellness coaching, fitness challenges and health and wellness websites.1 But how can employers engage employees and create a culture of […]
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Intriguing insights help identify next steps in creating a culture of health

Among large employers, 62% say it’s important to establish a culture of health. Yet only 23% say they’ve achieved it. Findings like this from the Fifth Annual Wellness in the Workplace Study reveal that while companies are strongly committed to workplace wellness, most still struggle with achieving a true culture of health. Our study of […]
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Wellness: A Continued Priority for Employers

Employees today spend so much time at work – more than half of their waking hours. That’s why many companies recognize the importance of offering programs that help support healthy choices. As they develop programs, there is no cookie-cutter approach. It’s essential to tailor initiatives to each company’s culture, goals and employee population. 

Where you retire could make a big difference in your health care costs

Baby boomers have different retirement dreams than their parents had. They’re looking for dynamic downtowns, culture and arts, and opportunities to explore nature and practice active lifestyles in top-quality sports facilities. One item they may want to add to their must-have lists: quality health care at an affordable cost.

Think you are Prepared Financially for Retirement? Think Again!

Industry experts agree that most employees aren’t saving enough in their company-sponsored retirement plans and their health savings accounts (HSAs) to meet their retirement goals. It’s also likely that some are shutting their eyes to the long-term cost implications of their health conditions and lifestyle.