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Three steps: Get ready for risk-based, fee-for-value health care

Ready or not, here it comes — risk-based, fee-for-value health care is here or coming to a market near you! Health care providers are no longer asking whether they should get ready. They are asking: How fast should we make the transition? They know it may not be pretty. “Organizations need to set a goal […]
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Is a provider-led health plan a good fit? Evaluate 6 areas to find out

To drive down costs and improve care through value-based models, one must have a deep understanding of the population they serve. Health care providers have this knowledge. Their familiarity with the demographics, economics and general needs of their communities means some are well-positioned to launch their own provider-sponsored health plans (PSHP) and have a sense […]
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Analytics are becoming a habit of highly effective ACOs

Even the most practiced at population health management may struggle with one factor deemed by many to be crucial for success as an accountable care organization or ACO. The challenge? Implementing a health IT infrastructure and data analytics strategy. Health IT Analytics lists analytics as a defining capability of successful ACOs. It reports that a robust […]
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3 key elements of any effective analytics strategy

An effective analytics strategy can help provider organizations control costs and identify risks and opportunities – key techniques to succeeding in a world of payments based on outcomes rather than volume. Any effective analytical strategy needs three elements. 1. Highly accurate data Analytics tools that provide the most usable insights generally draw data from a […]
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Five best collaboration strategies to improve HEDIS rates

There are many ways to measurably improve HEDIS rates and the quality of care of members. The true challenge is navigating the various barriers that can delay your journey to get there. Without a doubt, collaboration is the difference between higher and lower HEDIS rates. The more effective the collaboration — and integration — the […]
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The four steps of population health management

Providers making the transition to value-based care are looking for new ways to deliver appropriate, cost-effective care and optimize their performance. Population health management, or PHM, is one strategy they’re using to get there. By transitioning from acute, episodic care to a more coordinated, long-term approach, they’re helping patients stay healthier while controlling costs. But […]
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Predictive analytics improve health outcomes and reduce costs

Until recently, most clinical data resided in paper files stored—and in fact, much of the clinical data in the U.S. is still on paper. But as electronic medical records have begun to take hold over the last decade, the amount of clinical data available to health care organizations has ballooned.

Mining data for insight: do you have the right IT infrastructure to do it?

In my last blog post, I talked about the two things you need to get started on your path to improving health care: “big” data (that’s also quality data) and advanced analytical tools. Big data is only possible in health care because of the vast amount of claims, clinical and additional data generated and shared […]
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