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Is a provider-led health plan a good fit? Evaluate 6 areas to find out

To drive down costs and improve care through value-based models, one must have a deep understanding of the population they serve. Health care providers have this knowledge. Their familiarity with the demographics, economics and general needs of their communities means some are well-positioned to launch their own provider-sponsored health plans (PSHP) and have a sense […]
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Adapting epidemiologic principles to “big data”

Optum’s epidemiology experts apply the rigor of advanced epidemiologic methods to the challenges inherent in “big data” The term “big data” is ubiquitous these days. Within healthcare, electronic data from administrative systems and electronic health records (EHRs) are increasingly voluminous, varied and accessible. Within health care and public health, our capacity to use data has […]
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Unlock the power of your “big” data

Your organization stores all sorts of data—electronic health records (EHRs), claims, socio-demographic and administrative. Are you taking advantage of what it has to offer? For a lot of organizations, the answer is probably “no.” While many have “big” data, they may not have “good” data.