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Data can help shape patient interventions.

The future success of fee-for-value payment models depends partially on the ability of provider organizations to help patients manage their own health. The idea is that proactive interventions will keep patients healthier and avoid the high costs that arise when a condition worsens to the point of requiring acute care. Analytics can help providers create […]
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The first step on the journey to quality improvements: Analytic tools

Providers are increasingly turning to advanced analytical tools to efficiently gather clean and validated data, find patterns within that data and make more accurate predictions of population health needs. This data is helping them focus on the patients who have the most potential for clinical improvement—and cost savings. Dr. Carl Couch, president of Baylor, Scott […]
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For providers, analytics pave the way for value-based care

To succeed in value-based care, providers are not only providing care but also expertly managing health across their patient population. Rather than only seeing patients who present at their office or facility, they’re being proactive by gaining deeper insight into their patients’ health and evaluating their risk. And to do it, they are amassing—and analyzing—the […]
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Predict the future: Are your hypertension patients at risk of complications?

Hypertension affects millions of Americans, increasing their risk for other health problems such as heart disease and stroke. The leading cause of visits to the doctor, hypertension costs $156 billion annually in health care services, medications and missed days of work.

Risky business for providers: Developing a value-transformation roadmap

The ultimate goal for provider risk-bearing is to develop a system that focuses on local market needs and planning for patient engagement at all levels. To get there, organizations need a comprehensive, strategic value-transformation roadmap—our fifth and final risk-bearing action for provider organizations.