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A critical link between patient engagement and payment resolution

With patient satisfaction scores playing a bigger role in health care providers’ financial bottom lines, hospitals and health systems must pay attention to all interactions with patients, including the billing process. This may require reviewing and updating your revenue cycle. Recently, Becker’s Hospital Review recapped insights from revenue cycle management (RCM) leaders shared over the […]
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The journey to value: From finances to patient access, get your house in order for fee-for-value

Health care is driven by the wants and needs of the market. Consumers want better transparency and value at the same time governments, payers and employers are trying to keep costs down and stimulate quality improvement. This means more pressure on providers to deliver efficient care while not passing on costs to patients. But, making […]
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Build an ICD-10 rapid response team for revenue emergencies

Now that ICD-10 is a reality in the U.S. health care environment, providers are finding that October 1, 2015, didn’t bring with it the D-Day scenario they thought it might. But they also know ICD-10-related challenges that aren’t apparent now might manifest themselves in the coming months. Providers were certainly ready to submit claims come […]
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Positive signs in early results — reasons for optimism regarding ICD-10 productivity

One of the biggest unknowns of the ICD-10 implementation is the effect on coding productivity. Experts have estimated the expected loss in productivity post-ICD-10 as HIM professionals climb the learning curve, and studies of other countries’ post-ICD-10 loss unveil valuable insights. One of the best studies on time loss published in 2014 revealed that participants […]
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Navigating the value transformation journey: improving financial performance through coding and documentation improvement

In a previous post, I discussed the need to have clinical technology in place that allows for interoperability, that improves physician adoption, and that helps you streamline clinical and administrative processes. In this post, I’ll discuss technology that can further help your organization get its financial house in order as it journeys from volume to […]
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Natural Language Processing Technology Will be Critical to ICD-10 Success

It seems October is becoming a critical month for change in the health system. The major provisions of the Affordable Care Act will come to life in October 2013. Twelve very short months later, our transition to the ICD-10-CM/PCS system for coding medical documentation will be complete.

Computer-assisted CDI helps hospitals meet the challenge of burgeoning electronic health records

Not long ago, parts of our health system remained mired in technological backwaters. With patient records locked in paper charts, sharing information with other hospitals or physicians usually involved a foot chase across town. Today, following a period of innovation and unprecedented investment, most physicians are online and managing their patient records electronically. This increase […]
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