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Artificial intelligence unlocks buried data

Did you know that more than half of the information contained in electronic medical records is unusable to health care organizations? Mark Morsch, Optum360 Vice President of Technology, says studies show 60 to 80 percent of EMR content is unstructured. That means some data that could potentially be used to create a more complete picture […]
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Ten principles to help you engage providers around ICD-10

With less than three months until the ICD-10 go-live date, you may still be having trouble engaging providers around the new code set. If so, that’s not surprising. While we know that patient care will ultimately benefit from ICD-10’s increased specificity and data detail, doctors are focused on the here and now. And frankly, they […]
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Make sure your ICD-10 physician training meets the mark

The ICD-10 compliance date is squarely within the sights of the health care industry. With less than four months to go until we cross the transition threshold, consider what you’ve done — and what you can still do — to help your doctors succeed as they move from ICD-9 to ICD-10. Help physicians document for […]
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