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Roadmap to partnership: Keys to identifying the best revenue cycle partner for you

After careful scrutiny of productivity, processes and technology costs, many CFOs see the value in partnering with an external company that can take over day-to-day revenue cycle operations. Such a partner is built for revenue cycle management (RCM) and can likely do it better than most hospitals or health systems. For CFOs, it may make […]
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Roadmap to partnership: Assessing your current revenue cycle operations

Fee-for-service reimbursement is pretty cut-and-dried for revenue cycle managers. Profits revolve around billing, collecting from insurers and resolving patient claims on an individual basis. That’s not the case under fee-for-value models, where insurers capitate reimbursement for certain populations — a scenario that has revenue cycle management (RCM) leaders scrambling for ways to handle changes in […]
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Forge ahead in your journey to a new world of health care

Health care executives like you are finding themselves in a precarious position. You need to evolve your organization’s payment structure to revolve around value, while still taking advantage of the fee-for-service contracts that pay the bills. Whether you’re an administrator, a clinical leader, a compliance executive, a financial officer or technology chief, how will you […]
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