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Top blockchain engineer leads health care giants to alliances

Mike Jacobs is not just our in-house blockchain expert. He’s regularly sought out by conferences and publications as an industry expert on blockchain alliances in health care. For example, next week Mike will be speaking at Voice of Blockchain in Chicago. A couple weeks later, he’ll speak on a panel at the Blockchain Health Summit […]
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Blockchain enables powerful connections and better care

There is a lot of hype around blockchain — a new type of digital ledger, where transactions are chronologically recorded and tamper-resistant. Blockchain ledgers are decentralized, so all members see and own the information cooperatively, with no middleman. Many experts believe blockchain will be as big a disrupter as the internet. This view is supported […]
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Key takeaways from Optum Forum 2017

Optum Forum 2017 was filled with collaboration, great discussions and networking for more than 1,500 health care stakeholders. We gained new insights into how health care policy is changing, the challenges ahead of all of us and what we can look forward to with new technologies. Throughout the week, more than 200 breakout sessions brought […]
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