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3 categories of non-clinical factors lead to readmissions

Failure to follow up with a physician or follow a medication regimen can cause a recently released patient to end up right back in the hospital. But there are other, non-clinical factors that also lead to readmissions. The causes can be grouped into three main categories: Patients’ medical literacy According to the National Network of Libraries […]
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Data analytics optimize providers’ management of value-based contracts

Providers who manage value-based contracts are looking for ways to improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs. And they’re doing this by acquiring care management strategies and an ability to build better predictive risk models for high-risk populations. With a just small sliver of the U.S. population accounting for a bulk of health care costs, provider […]
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Analyzing “good” data provides a true snapshot of patients’ risk

Analyzing your data can reveal important insights about your patient population, including identifying those who are at highest risk for hospitalization. In my last post, we discussed the importance of having “good” data. This means data that has been gleaned from as many sources as possible, and has been normalized and validated so that it […]
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