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Best practices for Medicaid risk adjustment accuracy

Applying risk adjustment best practices to the ever-changing landscape of managed Medicaid risk adjustment For those providing health care in managed Medicaid markets, there are many challenges such as: Risk adjustment models and timing vary from state to state. This makes it hard for managed care organizations (MCO) managing multiple plans to run a risk […]
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Risk Adjustment Spotlight: Evolving strategies to drive risk adjustment performance

If you think the risk adjustment chart review process is frustratingly fragmented, you are not alone. Integrating in-house efforts with outsourced point solutions are often not only frustrating; they are also costly in terms of time and money. Increasingly, health plans are turning to Software as a Service (SaaS) as a way create an more […]
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Aligning risk adjustment and quality management

Many health plans maintain separate risk adjustment and quality management programs, with purposefully siloed objectives and metrics. But aligning the two enables true transparency from data to analytics, and provides numerous benefits: Revenue growth Improved outcomes Reduced medical spend Managing at-risk populations requires health plans to have the appropriate controls and processes in place that […]
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