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Unlocking insights and value within health care data through NLP

I recently called natural language processing (NLP) artificial intelligence (AI) with an ROI — and yes, it’s a catchy phrase, but it’s also true. NLP is an essential asset in today’s health care landscape. Let me tell you a story. Bill and Ted work at the same company – Excellent Adventures, Ltd. – but they […]
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Artificial intelligence unlocks buried data

Did you know that more than half of the information contained in electronic medical records is unusable to health care organizations? Mark Morsch, Optum360 Vice President of Technology, says studies show 60 to 80 percent of EMR content is unstructured. That means some data that could potentially be used to create a more complete picture […]
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Learn to speak the same health care language

Take a trip around the world and you’ll hear a lot of different languages, including some you probably won’t understand without a translator. Data is the language of today’s health care system. But a patient’s journey through that system collects data from a variety of sources in many different formats. It’s hard for anyone to […]
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Collaboration is key to big data effectiveness

Big data holds big promise in health care. By utilizing data that comes from a variety of sources and covers a variety of populations, there is a virtually limitless potential for improving the quality and the value of care being delivered. A huge challenge with big data, however, lies in the accessibility of data. Much […]
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ISPOR: Focusing on the Patient

For the past 17 years, attendance at the International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Annual International Meeting has grown from under 500 in attendance at the first conference held in 1996 to an expected turnout of more than 3,000 during the May 18-22, 2013 meeting in New Orleans.