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Blockchain enables powerful connections and better care

There is a lot of hype around blockchain — a new type of digital ledger, where transactions are chronologically recorded and tamper-resistant. Blockchain ledgers are decentralized, so all members see and own the information cooperatively, with no middleman. Many experts believe blockchain will be as big a disrupter as the internet. This view is supported […]
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Data: The first step to meaningful change

People often assume that the biggest database is the best. Size is important, yes, but equally important are “data types,” “data velocity,” and “data integration and accessibility.” Although William Cowper certainly wasn’t thinking of databases in 1785 when he wrote “variety’s the very spice of life that gives it all its flavour [sic],” he was […]
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Where you retire could make a big difference in your health care costs

Baby boomers have different retirement dreams than their parents had. They’re looking for dynamic downtowns, culture and arts, and opportunities to explore nature and practice active lifestyles in top-quality sports facilities. One item they may want to add to their must-have lists: quality health care at an affordable cost.

Think you are Prepared Financially for Retirement? Think Again!

Industry experts agree that most employees aren’t saving enough in their company-sponsored retirement plans and their health savings accounts (HSAs) to meet their retirement goals. It’s also likely that some are shutting their eyes to the long-term cost implications of their health conditions and lifestyle.

Provider consumer engagement: A personalized approach

Value-based health care, health care consumerism and technological advances are redefining the health care value chain. As a result provider organizations need to place an emphasis on personalized engagement strategies to enhance patient satisfaction, change individuals’ behaviors and improve population health.