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Blockchain enables powerful connections and better care

There is a lot of hype around blockchain — a new type of digital ledger, where transactions are chronologically recorded and tamper-resistant. Blockchain ledgers are decentralized, so all members see and own the information cooperatively, with no middleman. Many experts believe blockchain will be as big a disrupter as the internet. This view is supported […]
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Implementing a wellness champion strategy: Easy, evidence-based and effective

As the employee well-being space evolves and matures, we are seeing more employers try to capitalize on the intrinsic motivations of health influencers by creating wellness champion networks. These networks are largely comprised of volunteer employees who have a passion for health and well-being and want to support their employer in a culture of wellness. […]
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Helping employers solve the riddle of health management value

Many companies invest in health management programs to improve employee health and productivity and to contain health care costs. Yet employers often find it a challenge to determine the value of these health and wellness programs, especially because traditional evaluation methods can take a long time. As a recent Optum survey shows, employers are looking […]
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