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What chief marketing officers should be thinking about for 2020

As part of our series with marketing expert Jason Brown, CEO of BPD Advertising, a partner organization of the Optum Consumer Acquisition Services solution, we sat down to discuss how consumerism is changing marketing practices and what health system chief marketing officers (CMOs) should be thinking about as they prepare their 2020 marketing plans. What […]
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How to better reach consumers — even with a strapped budget

Health care marketing executives are in a difficult position. They are told they need to appeal to more consumers — without increasing their budget — to demonstrate a return on the invested budget dollars to the health system leadership. Here, we provide several tactics to demonstrate trackable ROI on marketing campaigns without blowing the budget. […]
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Why health care marketers should never target women 35–54 again

Q&A with Brown Parker & DeMarinis CEO, Jason Brown on how to hyper-personalize your marketing strategy For health care marketers, targeted marketing tactics are nothing new. Usually broken down by age brackets, household income or gender, these demographic buckets have historically helped health care organizations reach and bring in the ideal patients for their strategic […]
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