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Traumatic events happen: Know when to call your Employee Assistance Program

Calling your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) after a critical incident can make a huge difference in helping employees get back on their feet and minimizing workplace disruption. But do you always recognize such an incident when it’s happened? Some traumatic, or critical, events are obvious — fires, tornadoes, storms, workplace accidents. In other cases it […]
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Welcoming veterans to the workforce? EAP management consultation services can help.

Put yourself in the shoes, for a moment, of the returning military veteran you’ve just hired. The corporate environment feels strange, even foreign. In the military, you followed a clear chain of command. Orders were clear-cut; you knew your mission. When deployed, you formed close bonds with your fellow service men and women. You lived […]
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Traumatic events test employers’ ability to respond

Would you know how to respond to your employees’ grief following the death of a co-worker? A work site closing or reduction in force? A community tragedy? Traumatic events like an employee death are sources of workplace disruption, triggering emotional and even physical reactions among co-workers and managers alike. Employees may be shaken and unable […]
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