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Developing a consumer journey map? Don’t miss these 10 components.

Health plans have learned from the retail industry that providing a first-class consumer experience requires time, money and energy. It also requires an understanding of the existing consumer experience, as seen through the eyes of the consumer. That’s why it’s important for health plans to have a consumer journey map to capture the interactions between […]
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Four steps to creating engaging member communications

It’s no surprise that a vast majority of consumers feel overwhelmed by their health care — there is a lot to manage. From choosing the right plan and providers, to taking care of preventive screenings, managing conditions and making the right lifestyle choices. Health plans do their best to make the health care journey easier […]
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Driving the member experience with data

In the age of the empowered consumer, it’s no surprise that organizations with vast amounts of consumer data are also the most successful at influencing purchasing decisions. Data holds the key to anticipating, and subsequently delivering, what consumers are most likely to want or need — often before he/she even realizes that they want or […]
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