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Uber inspired scheduling software reshaping the clinician experience

So who knew we needed a new taxi service? We were all used to calling for a taxi. Getting someone on the line telling us a driver would be dispatched shortly. Then the waiting came. Not sure who would show up or when. Uber saw an opportunity to use the latest mobile technology to transform […]
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Interactive patient technologies changing provider, patient perspectives

Hospitals and health systems are discovering that improving patient experiences not only makes for happy patients, but also increased profits. A recent Accenture study suggests U.S. hospitals that delivered “superior” customer experience achieve net margins 50 percent higher than those rated “average.” Cutting staff is a more traditional way health systems save money. But the […]
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Parkland Health makes IPT a patient experience cornerstone

When Parkland Health & Hospital System rebuilt its Dallas-based facility, it focused on more than bricks and mortar. Interactive technology became the cornerstone of how leaders wanted to improve patient education and engagement. Hospital staff wanted to create environments where patients felt more connected and less isolated from family, friends and the care team. Parkland […]
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