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Part 3: Thriving in a regulated era — achieving go-to-market strategies

The final entry in our “Thriving in a regulated era” blog series concludes with the technology road map, sourcing strategies and go-to-market guidance. Our first two blogs in this series touched on developing the business vision, business plan and capabilities model. Follow the technology road map. While the business plan drives your entry into new […]
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Part 2: Thriving in a regulated era — the business capabilities model

With several provisions of the Affordable Care Act already implemented, health plans are poised for new growth opportunities. Last week, we kicked off our blog series on considerations for thriving in a regulated era with a review of the business vision and business plan. Here in part two, we take a closer look at the […]
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Thriving in a regulated era: Guiding new value creation

With several of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions already implemented, the marketplace presents several opportunities for growth. Your organization may be considering expansion into new geographies, establishing new offerings in government health plans or competing in the individual marketplace. In this first post of our blog series on thriving in a regulated era, we’ll […]
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