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Einstein, state procurement departments and innovation: An unbeatable combination to improve the well-being of citizens

One of my favorite quotes about the importance of encouraging innovation doesn’t include the word “innovation” at all. It’s Albert Einstein’s cautionary observation: “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” He’s right, of course, in so many ways. Whenever we’re trying to achieve breakthroughs, the key […]
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The people side of “analytics”

For HHS agencies, the focus is on improving lives To slightly misquote Benjamin Disraeli, there are lies, damn lies, and analytics. Okay, let me say it another way.  It’s not that “analytics” are actually lies, but – like “statistics” in Disraeli’s time – they can be misleading and, if not used and interpreted properly, can […]
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After nearly 50 years, it’s time to retire traditional MMIS procurements

There are only 51 of them in the entire country, but their reach affects millions and their impact is profound. Cumulatively through the years, these systems have cost states billions of dollars and consumed thousands of hours of productivity. They’ve caused headaches, heartburn and sleepless nights for agency IT experts, financial executives and policy analysts […]
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