About Health Care Conversation

Health Care Conversation is a forum, designed by Optum, to offer fresh perspective, encourage the exchange of ideas and drive discussion — no matter how controversial — all in the name of health care. A term that’s come to encompass so much more than a doctor’s visit, healthcare in the US has seen more changes over the past few years than in the 20 years before it. From meaningful use to ACOs to health care reform, we invite you to weigh in on the issues that will make the biggest impact on health care in the years ahead.

3 thoughts on “About Health Care Conversation

  1. Why haven’t we made any improvements with PA reform? At our practice, approximately 60-70 minutes of every day is wasted completing PAs instead of time spent w the patient teaching, assessing the patient’s barriers to care, or having dinner w my wife and kids. This amounts to billions of dollars per annum nationwide and another ring to jump through for our patients.

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