Spotlight on Caring: Jessica D.

Members don’t always report (or even fully recognize) their health issues. As some conditions worsen, members may compensate with lifestyle changes such as resting more. That issue is compounded in rural areas where members have to travel far for care. These members may ignore worsening symptoms or delay preventive exams until a heath issue becomes acute. Optum HouseCalls advanced practice clinicians like Jessica provide an essential, even lifesaving, connector between the member and provider, particularly in outlying communities.

Jessica’s story

The member, who lived out in the country, told Jessica that she felt well. In fact, she wasn’t even sure why she needed to have the HouseCalls visit. She thought she was being singled out. She was concerned that her premiums would increase, or her health care would be canceled. Jessica assured her that the visits were simply an added layer of preventive care to help her be as healthy as she can, all from the convenience of the member’s rural home.

The member agreed to the physical exam. Despite her continued assertion that she was perfectly healthy, the assessment results strongly indicated otherwise. The member’s heartbeat was irregular, and her heart rhythm was inconsistent.

Jessica educated the member about the condition and why she needed to take action right away. She then called the member’s primary care doctor, arranged for her to be seen that day, and ensured that the member had transportation into town. The member was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AF) and had cardioversion therapy. After she recovered, the member contacted HouseCalls to share her appreciation for Jessica’s expertise in identifying the AF.

Jessica’s training, like that of all HouseCalls clinicians, ensures that she has the knowledge, experience and tools needed to go beyond what a member reports. They identify factors that can create barriers to health, such as transportation in a rural area. No matter how far they have to drive to their visits, clinicians like Jessica can take the time to really understand each member’s true health situation.

This is the kind of positive and caring experience that Optum HouseCalls clinicians deliver every day.

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Meet the Author

Jennifer Pryce DNP, CNE, ANP-BC, GNP-BC
Vice President, HouseCalls Clinical Field Operations, Optum

Dr. Jennifer Pryce is a nurse practitioner currently serving as Vice President of clinical field operations for Optum HouseCalls. Her responsibilities include oversight and management of the clinical workforce. Dr. Pryce earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Masters of Art with dual concentrations of Adult Health Nurse Practitioner and Gerontological Nurse Practitioner from New York University. She completed George Washington University’s Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program in 2014 specializing in nursing education and has since achieved Certified Nurse Educator designation.

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  1. Good catch!! Stroke from afib is one of the most devastating outcomes that can be easily prevented!

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