Spotlight on Caring: Crystal T.

Many Medicare Advantage members take several medications. Even though providers are careful to provide clear instructions, it can be confusing to take each one the right way at the right time. As a HouseCalls advanced practice clinician, Crystal takes time at each home visit to review a member’s medication to ensure the member is following the provider’s plan. One member felt compelled to thank Crystal for helping her with her medication plan.

Crystal’s story

While Crystal was examining the member, the member reported ongoing nerve pain in her lower extremities. The member reported that she was taking all her medications as prescribed. Crystal discovered that the member wasn’t taking the prescribed medication for nerve pain properly — in fact the member wasn’t sure what that specific medication was for.

Crystal explained how and when to take all her medication, including the one for nerve pain. As a result of taking the medication as prescribed, the member is now feeling significantly better and went out of her way to express her appreciation for Crystal and the Optum® HouseCalls program.

Crystal helps resolve many types of discrepancies ranging from not taking a medication at the proper time of day or storing the medication in the right location. For example, Crystal has found that certain medications are labeled to indicate taking one pill once a day. However, they should be taken at a certain time of day. Crystal can help members understand these instructions. Plus in a home visit, Crystal can also see where the medication is stored and suggest alternatives if it seems there are environmental factors that could create adherence problems.

She also will call the primary care provider to address possible issues, such as if the member is doubling up on medication in the same class and category. These thorough steps can mean the difference between a member feeling well and a potential, worsening situation.

Overall, HouseCalls advanced practice clinicians use their expertise to help members follow their prescribed medication plan. They are a vital link between the provider’s instructions and the member’s follow-through.

This is the kind of positive and caring experience that Optum HouseCalls clinicians deliver every day.

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Meet the Author

JenPryceHeadshot- 8.14.2020

Jennifer Pryce DNP, CNE, ANP-BC, GNP-BC
Vice President, HouseCalls Clinical Field Operations, Optum

Dr. Jennifer Pryce is a nurse practitioner currently serving as Vice President of clinical field operations for Optum HouseCalls. Her responsibilities include oversight and management of the clinical workforce. Dr. Pryce earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Masters of Art with dual concentrations of Adult Health Nurse Practitioner and Gerontological Nurse Practitioner from New York University. She completed George Washington University’s Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program in 2014 specializing in nursing education and has since achieved Certified Nurse Educator designation.

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