Health plans use analytics to elevate client reporting

Employers face constant pressure to strike a balance between building human capital and driving financial performance. This health care dilemma pulls organizations in two directions when it comes to reporting. They’re looking for ways to support employee health and wellness while remaining competitive in the market.

Add to that the increasing challenges of an evolving environment where employers need to:

  • Address affordability for employees as their share of the cost burden grows
  • Navigate new ways to manage clinical conditions
  • Learn how to coordinate action to manage specialty pharmacy costs
  • Emphasize high-performance provider networks

Then there’s the pandemic. The rapid spread of COVID-19 introduces a whole new set of complexities. By now, many employees are returning to work, and organizations are urgently looking for ways to reduce the impact of the virus. Health plans can offer clients analytic support to:

  • Detect populations at risk for severe infection
  • Monitor infection across populations
  • Analyze future impacts on utilization and quality as telemedicine visits rise

A recent webinar details how health plans can reimagine employer reporting using the Optum Performance Analytics solution and services to address changing mandates, utilization and member needs. The goal? To bring relevant, timely data and analytics to the reporting process. It’s a powerful tool to help employers navigate evermore complex markets.

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