Introducing the Community Circle


In our new world, connection is critical — and Optum is here to help.

With daily life disrupted, many people are feeling isolated or anxious at times. We wanted to create an easy way to educate, inspire and bring all of us together in the fight against COVID-19. The Community Circle is a place where you will find stories of courage, compassion and connection that define this moment.

We are forever grateful for the caring professionals serving others on the front lines of this crisis.

Watch this video in honor of those doing their part with hope and resolve.

With a strong focus on supporting seniors, hospitals and health systems, states and local community organizations, our teams are working around the clock in three key areas:

Making the health system work better. Optum is harnessing its size and scale and collaborating with our partners to bring new insights and solutions to the health care system. We’re testing and validating new approaches and scaling them for maximum impact to deliver better care to patients, particularly seniors, and to support and protect health care professionals on the front lines of this crisis.

  • Addressing the big challenges quickly: Dr. Yuan-Po Tu, an OptumCare infectious disease expert on the front lines in Washington state, pioneered a new COVID-19 testing protocol in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to reduce exposure for health care workers and improve testing efficiency across the country. Learn more.
  • Supporting health care organizations with expert insights: Advisory Board has made its COVID-19 research available to all health care organizations via a weekly live broadcast and website regardless of membership.
  • Making medications more affordable: The Optum Perks drug discount program helps people purchase medications at the lowest possible price at over 64,000 pharmacies nationwide, offering needed help to those recently unemployed.

Using technology to deliver better care and access. Technology has the power to bring people together. Optum is rapidly deploying the latest technology to connect everyone in health care. We are pushing technology forward to support patients, help clinical staff deliver better care and make it easier to share information.

  • Expanding telehealth: Optum has dramatically increased the use of telemedicine and virtual visits across our care communities and clinics to ensure patients receive the medical and mental health care they need.
  • Empowering consumers: Digital tools are giving consumers easy access to their medications with early refills, extended prescriptions and a 90-day supply for specialty drugs.
  • On-demand help: Individuals now have free access to Sanvello, the #1 app for stress, anxiety, and depression with over 3 million users. Learn more.

Partnering to support local communities. A community’s health is only as strong as its local health system. Optum is proactively deploying people and assets to bring critical resources to those who need it most. We are partnering closely with states and local organizations to understand their specific needs and move fast to help them keep their communities safe.

  • Expanding access: Optum established eight Febrile Upper Respiratory Clinics dedicated to COVID-19 patients in Washington state.
  • Drive-through testing: Optum stood up New Jersey’s first in-state drive-through testing site with more on the way. Learn more.
  • Neighbors helping neighbors: Our team members and their families are pitching in to keep their local communities safe.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to follow all CDC guidelines and practice social distancing. Together, that’s how we will flatten the curve.

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