Spotlight on caring: Marcia K.

The home visit is a vital way to connect with members in a way that enables them to more fully communicate their concerns and needs. But first you have to earn their trust — from the call to set up the visit, to the invitation to sit on their couch. Each HouseCalls advanced practice clinician is skilled at fostering confidence and opening the door to engagement, as our clinician Marcia did in this example.

Marcia helped the member and her husband understand the importance of having an echocardiogram. But just as important, she helped sooth their anxieties by alerting the member’s care team to the need for timely follow up. The HouseCalls culture of putting the member first to truly understand what they need creates a level of rapport that enables our team to be highly effective, visit after visit.

Marcia’s story
HouseCalls advanced practice clinicians never know what they may encounter in a member visit. This was particularly true for Marcia when she called on a husband and wife whom she had seen in previous years. On this visit, Marcia detected a new heart murmur in the wife, who had an aortic aneurysm that was being monitored by an echocardiogram every two years. Marcia could see that the wife was overdue for her test, so she talked with the couple and emphasized the need to have one.

Both were anxious to understand why the condition had developed. Marcia contacted the wife’s primary care provider to share what she had found and encouraged the clinic to set up an appointment soon to minimize the couple’s anxiety. Like all HouseCalls clinicians, Marcia sees herself as a part of the member’s care team and is diligent about connecting with the member’s clinic so they can follow up on any findings. The wife called the HouseCalls team to thank Marcia for her care and say that she was seen by her physician the very next day.

When Marcia calls the night before to confirm the HouseCalls appointment, members often ask why the service is needed. Marcia explains the value of the extra time in preventative care and wellness education she provides. That discussion helps set the tone for a successful visit.

During each visit, Marcia makes sure that she takes a few extra minutes to create a true connection with the member. She notes that she sees a lot of gardens and family pictures, and she really enjoys these moments. That ability to dwell a bit with members helps earn their trust to stay adherent with medication or follow a treatment plan.

As Optum HouseCalls employees, this is the kind of positive and caring experience providers like Marcia create for every member at every home visit.

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