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In addition to rigorous training to prepare our HouseCalls advanced practice clinicians, we also equip them with powerful screening tools. These tools, like the QuantaFlo™ system noted in this example, amplify each clinician’s ability to assess a member’s well-being from the comfort and ease of their home.  

When the member reported having leg pain, our clinician, David, listened and connected the dots between that symptom and the fact that the member was due for an important screening. In this case, that vital link proved invaluable to the member. But in so many others, there isn’t a triggering symptom. That’s why we continue to invest in screening technology to extend our team’s ability to proactively identify and help the member act on health issues before they worsen.

David’s story
During a HouseCalls visit, a member said that his leg hurt. HouseCalls advanced practice clinician David noted that the member was due for a peripheral arterial disease (PAD) test using the QuantaFlo™ system. A HouseCalls clinician conducts this test for members every two years to help detect vascular disease.

The member’s test result was abnormal. David explained that the member may have a blockage and should see his primary care provider. David also relayed the results to the member’s clinic. That HouseCalls finding proved to be essential: Further testing by the member’s provider confirmed the member had significant peripheral arterial disease in the right leg.

In reaching out to HouseCalls to thank David for his care, the member wondered what other problems would have occurred if David hadn’t alerted him. The member said he appreciates the way David goes above and beyond to provide extra support.

While the PAD screening seemed like an added measure of care to the member, it’s all part of the resources David and his HouseCalls colleagues have to conduct a thorough home visit. David notes that the tests he conducts are springboards for conversations about ways to manage a member’s condition. He also helps members prepare lists of what to ask their primary care providers so that they can be better prepared for appointments to understand their medications and treatment plans.

David considers it an honor to be in each member’s home to serve as an extension of — and often a vital connection back to — the member’s primary care.

As Optum HouseCalls employees, this is the kind of positive and caring experience clinicians like David create for every member at every home visit.

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