Top blockchain engineer leads health care giants to alliances


Mike Jacobs is not just our in-house blockchain expert. He’s regularly sought out by conferences and publications as an industry expert on blockchain alliances in health care.

For example, next week Mike will be speaking at Voice of Blockchain in Chicago. A couple weeks later, he’ll speak on a panel at the Blockchain Health Summit in New York City. This is on top of the dozens of speaking engagements Mike has participated in the past couple of years.

In July, Managed Care magazine published an article on blockchain alliances, featuring Mike and others he has collaborated with. And earlier this year, Mike’s expertise was featured in a Modern Healthcare article on blockchain and his role in co-founding the Synaptic Health Alliance.

The Synaptic alliance includes many of the largest U.S. health care companies. They’re working together to solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges using blockchain technology.

In a recent Q&A, Mike talked in depth about such alliances:

“As you build an alliance, you want to make sure that there’s a good cultural fit among members. Find potential allies who have an appetite for early adoption of new technology. Look for people who are open and willing to learn. They are often more risk-tolerant and flexible. And we often start with IT professionals because the solution requires technological expertise to establish a blockchain node.”

You can read more from Mike Jacobs about the myths and realities of blockchain and alliances in health care at our Blockchain for Health Care site.

Mike is a technology fellow and senior vice president of engineering, which puts him among the very top of the many amazing engineers at Optum. Read his full profile in our people area. And if you’d like to work with Mike and our other engineers to help advance technology in health care, visit our careers page.

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