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Member education is a vital part of each HouseCalls visit. We are deeply committed to enabling members to be more engaged with their health care providers and health care choices. That is why our clinicians are well equipped with educational resources, and encouraged to take the time needed to answer member questions. This is exactly what our clinician Lisa did in the example that a member called in to share.

Thanks to Lisa’s ability to listen to the member’s concerns, she was able to respond with clear education that both informed and reassured the member. This helped the member be better prepared for an upcoming surgery and successful recovery. This kind of thoughtful member interaction is at the heart of what we do. It touches me to realize that it happens countless times, day after day, across the country.

Lisa’s story
One member in particular was grateful for the timing of her HouseCalls visit. She was going to have major surgery and was feeling a lot of anxiety about what to expect. HouseCalls advanced practice clinician Lisa was able to put the member’s mind at ease by answering her questions and providing insights on ways to prepare her body for surgery and recovery. During her almost 45-minute appointment, they discussed activities that would help with the post-surgery recovery, such as deep breathing and doing leg exercises to help prevent a blood clot. Lisa also reviewed her lab work with her.

This depth of care and ability to understand and address her health questions prompted the member to call HouseCalls and share how happy she was with Lisa’s visit in her home. She said that Lisa was very thorough, and she was grateful for the advice on how to prep for the surgery. She said she would love to have the HouseCalls visit again in a year, noting that this was her first home visit.

With more than 30 years of experience, Lisa knows how to make clients feel comfortable right from the start. She knows how to present herself, ensuring she is professional but highly approachable. She recognizes that she is being welcomed into her clients’ homes and consciously makes herself relatable in her appearance and attitude, so she can quickly establish the trust needed to serve her clients effectively.

As Optum HouseCalls employees, this is the kind of positive and caring experience providers like Lisa create for every member at every home visit.

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