Special Topic: Optum Forum 2018 Day 2

Optum Forum Day 2 RecapOptum Forum 2018 started with a focus on innovation. On Day 2, that innovation was put into action.

In the opening keynote, Optum Executive Vice President Mike Weissel and other leaders shared how Optum and its partners across the health system are innovating – one client, one person, one experience at a time.

“We never forget that you are the ones helping us invent the future,” Weissel said.

He elaborated on the innovations that are addressing three movements in health care: data-driven discovery and insights, value-based care acceleration and consumer-centric health care. Of those, consumerization of health care is poised to be the most disruptive, Weissel said.

Ford Koles, executive director of the Advisory Board Company, elaborated on this idea. He said the health care industry needs to transform. It needs to be the disruptor, not the disrupted.

So how can health care organizations transform how people interact with their health care?

One way is through research and development of leading-edge tools, like a prototype mobile app Optum is developing called MyDigitalTwin. It will let a person look holistically at his or her life and see predictions for health outcomes. The app user could allow a health care provider access to do the same, if they choose.

“Imagine if each of us had a digital twin our doctor could use to model our current health, predict our future health and pinpoint suggestions to improve our health,” said Kerrie Holley, Technical Fellow at Optum. “That’s a glimpse of what is to come.”

Another way to disrupt and transform health care is through deep use of data and analytics. NYUPN Executive Director Matt Penziner discussed recent successes thanks to OptumIQ, the unique combination of data, analytics and health care expertise infused into Optum products and services. They include a 3 percent decrease in emergency room visits and a 9 percent reduction in acute admits for one of their largest value-based arrangements.

The insights and actions shared in the keynote were carried forward into 140 breakout sessions where attendees explored real-world applications of how organizations are using innovation to tackle health care’s biggest challenges.

In addition to the sessions, the FORWARD Central Experience was a dynamic hub of collaboration and inspiration, featuring immersive experiences, such as an augmented reality display contrasting opioid data to enlighten attendees around the startling statistics of the epidemic, an opportunity to test drive a DaVinci surgical robot or race on smart bikes. The interactions fostered a sense of togetherness in the effort to make the health system work better for everyone.

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