Advocacy: A force for a more productive, fulfilling workplace

Without support, employees can’t develop the confidence and find the information needed to make better decisions. Advocacy services let employers provide this support and guidance.

Advocacy services help employees understand their benefits and how to use them. The best among these offer access to highly trained, experienced advocates who are skilled at connecting data to concerns around health, benefits and well-being.

Drawing upon analytics, machine learning and decades of experience creating individual solutions for consumers, the best advocates look beyond the immediate concern.

The result is deeper engagement that not only incites individual behavior change but also can help locate providers and answer questions about health savings accounts, employee assistance programs, eligibility or wellness.

Structured advocacy can become a vital force within the organization, helping to improve employee well-being, productivity and satisfaction. For these outcomes, progressive employers are choosing advocacy programs that support the whole person.

“As benefits and population health solutions have grown in scope and complexity, advocacy has become an important way to simplify things for employees and their dependents,” says Christopher P. Marsh, senior director at Optum.

Optum Advocacy promotes  a less disruptive model compared to the competition and can partner with any existing third-party vendor in place to connect the benefits ecosystem for employees. In addition, Optum focuses on executional expertise and scalability across many Optum products. Finally, there’s an emphasis on better quality engagements through OptumIQ — and even providing on-site service capabilities.

To learn about choosing advocacy services for an employee population, watch our on-demand webinar. We’ll demonstrate how these solutions can help improve employee engagement and boost utilization of available resources and programs.


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About the Author:

2018-04-02_14-52-01Doreen Bortel leads client solutions in the Population Health division of Optum.

In this role, Bortel consults with employers and payers to develop consumer-directed population health strategies that improve employee health and productivity and impact total cost of care.

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